The project name is 
"Self-portrait in dead still life".
and everyday a huge amount of fruit and vegetables get thrown away.
The market is divided in several areas, 
but the one that caught my interest is the "consortium",
 the biggest one that only has fruit and vegetables. 
There, the stalls are run by first and second generation immigrants, mostly afrodescendant, 
who sell fruits and vegetables, which are harvested by hand by other less fortunate immigrants, 
and this is all because of capitalism. 
So, here we are talking about "caporalato" 
Everyday these people go there at 4 am to set up stalls 
from scratch in a square that is a little bit bigger than 1 km,
 fill them with fruit and sell it until 2 pm. 
Afterwards, they have to disassemble the stalls and clean everything up, they will finish around 5 pm. 
This is what they go through everyday, except for Sunday, 
leaving kilos of fruit and vegetables that get picked up from the ground by poor people. 
This is an unbelievable human and labor exploitation.
"Self-portrait in dead still life", because through fruit and vegetables left to rot on the ground, 
i see myself and my privilege of being born in the "right" side of the world.
All these photos were taken with 35mm autofocus analog machines paid 5€
 at the market 
Yashica J.2 32mm
Minolta F.25
Olympus shoot&go 34mm 
and cheap films 
Kodak 200 
FujiFilm 200. 
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